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The Plush Pants Family

We became a cloth nappy family when our second daughter aged 15 months was wetting so heavily at night that she was regularly waking up completely soaked, as her disposable nappies couldn't cope. After asking for advice repeatedly and getting the same answer - try cloth nappies - we took the plunge, and have never looked back. Initially we used reusable nappies at night only, however as they performed so much better for us, we soon moved to using washable nappies full time. Having the opportunity to borrow a few real nappies to test the water really gave me the boost up the bum that I needed, and we've never looked back. Our third and fourth babies were also in cloth nappies - in fact much to my surprise I even got the hang of using traditional terry squares!

Having put four children through their nappy years, both disposable and washable, we know a thing or two about nappies.  Everything we sell has been put thoroughly through it's paces before being offered here, and you will find that many of our products also feature customer written reviews. 

We have chosen to focus on giving our customers the best impartial advice service, and the best prices we can on our range of washable nappies and other eco friendly products, while offering our free advice service to help parents to find out what is best for them. You are welcome to phone or e-mail for advice about anything we sell - I'm quite happy to talk about periods or poo, if it helps you to work out what will meet your needs best! There is also masses of information throughout the website, so get a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy a good browse!

Christine McRitchie