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Femmecup is a "one size fits all" menstrual cup - which is a great idea if you're planning to start a family, as the same cup will still fit you after the delivery, however the baby is born. No worries about sizing! The Femmecup is made from soft, clear silicone, it can hold up to 30ml of fluid, the diameter is 45mm and length (not including the stem, which is another 14mm) is 50mm. Most women do trim the stem and some remove it entirely. One Femmecup will last you for 5-10 years, making it more economical than disposable products by quite a big margin. The Femmecup can be left in place for up to 12 hours, so is suitable for overnight use, but do not leave it for more than 12 hours without emptying. Made in the UK.

Every Femmecup comes packaged with a cotton storage bag and full instructions on use. Sterilise before first use (this is easily done by boiling for five minutes). To use, simply fold the cup in half, then in half again (lengthways), and insert with the stem at the bottom. It sits much lower than a tampon, and you may notice that some of the stem sticks out once the Femmecup is in place. If this is the case, you'll need to trim the stem. Remove the Femmecup, trim the stem, then re-insert and check that none of the stem is outside of the body. If you leave the stem too long, it could irritate the sensitive skin in that area. Some women remove the stem entirely, but we'd recommend not doing this until you're completely confident of being able to remove the Femmecup. It may take a couple of cycles to become used to using a Femmecup, and at first you may feel more confident if you use a panty liner as a back up.

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Additional Information

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Really good all rounderReview by Danielle
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It took me a few goes to get to grips with the femmecup and found it much easier to use the punch down method of folding rather than the horizontal fold recommended. I also found there was quite a strong 'pop' when the cup opened up which took some getting used to! Overall I really like the femmecup it's so convenient and much more comfortable than tampons and I haven't had a leak since the first couple of attempts. (Posted on 03/10/2015)

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