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Jargon Busting

If you've ended up here, you're probably getting a bit muddled about all the various gadgets and things you've read about and been told about, and need a reminder of what everything is. I remember feeling very fuzzy about the whole thing when I first got started, and it took me a while to get my head around the terminology, so here's my simple guide to cloth nappy jargon!

CLOTH NAPPY The absorbent part of your washable nappy system. May be described as a washable nappy, cloth nappy, reusable nappy, real nappy - all these are general terms describing the same thing.

WRAP The waterproof part of your washable nappy system (replaces old style plastic pants). This goes on the outside, over the nappy, to protect clothing from getting wet. The main types are polyester, fleece, cotton or wool. Cotton wraps contain some lamination to make them waterproof.

LINER Goes inside the nappy, next to baby's skin. Flushable or disposable liners offer easy poo disposal, while fleece liners keep baby feeling dry.

NAPPY NIPPA Plastic nappy fastening device, developed as a safe alternative to pins. No more pricked fingers! Only needed if the nappy doesn't have any fastenings of it's own (ie velcro/poppers).

APLIX Stronger form of Velcro, commonly used on nappies and wraps.

HOOK & LOOP Similar fastening to Aplix or Velcro.  

SNAP Some US brands refer to poppers as snaps.  So a snap fastening nappy just means it fastens with poppers.

DRY PAILING This means storing used nappies in a bucket (pail) without soaking them (dry, in other words). Add a couple of drops of tea tree or lavender essential oil to the bottom of the bucket to combat any undesirable smells!

BOOSTER Additional pad of absorbent fabric, which can be added to the nappy to increase absorbency for nights or longer periods of wear. Useful for heavy wetting babies. Some boosters have a layer of fleece on one side, so you don't need to use a separate nappy liner.

AIO All in one style nappy, this means a nappy that has a waterproof cover permanently attached, so you don't need a separate one.

AI2 Similar to the above, but the waterproof cover can be detached from the absorbent material, this can give improvements in drying time.

B2P / BTP Birth to Potty - products described in this way will typically fit babies from average birth weight of 7/8lbs, to average potty training age of around 2.5 years.  Some babies may find B2P products too bulky at first, and some babies will outgrow them before potty training, so perhaps a better term is "one size", meaning the product comes in just one size.

OSFM One Size Fits Most - another term for birth to potty, these products are designed to adjust to fit babies from newborn to toddler.


The following are commonly used abbreviations for well known nappy brands / manufacturers:

TB - Tots Bots

ME - Mother-ease 

CB - Charlie Banana

FB / Fuzzi - Fuzzi Bunz

LL - Little Lambs 

BB - Blueberry

BG - BumGenius

RE - Real Easy


If you can't find the term you're looking for, please e-mail me ( and ask, and I'll add it to this page.