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Junior Joy Superior Prefold

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Junior Joy

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Prefolds are widely used in the States and, I'm told, in Ireland. This is a straightforward 100% cotton rectangle which you simply fold into 3, like a letter going into an envelope. It's held in place with a wrap, so no need for complicated or sharp fastenings! The prefold system is one of the cheapest washable nappy systems, and the most straightforward, although it is possible to fold and pin prefolds, which gives them better poo-catching ability. It is an ideal budget system - extremely affordable, and requiring very little work (so ideal for nurseries/childminders to use!).

The Superior quality prefold has 3 layers of cotton on each side and 6 in the middle (3x6x3) giving a slimmer fit. We also stock the Supreme quality prefold which is listed separately, with 4 layers of cotton on each side, with 8 layers in the middle (4x8x4).

Small size is best for newborns and babies up to about 3 months. Regular is best for babies from about 3-12 months, and Toddler for over 12 months - however we find many customers are quite happy to stay with the Regular size until toilet training, so if it's working for you, there is no need to change it.


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