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Ethical Consumer Best Buy 2007!For those of you who prefer internal menstrual products, the Mooncup is an excellent alternative to disposable tampons. The Mooncup is a bell-shaped cup, which uses the natural muscle tone of your vaginal walls and its own inherent 'springiness' to hold itself firmly into place, creating a seal inside your vagina and collecting your menstrual blood without leaks or odours. It is capable of holding up to 1oz of fluid at a time - very roughly 1/3 of the average menstrual loss; so it is perfectly "big enough" to cope with your daily menstrual flow.

Mooncups are made from a special medical grade of non-allergenic silicone - an organic compound derived from sandstone. It is made without bleach, deodorisers or absorbent granules so will not in any way interfere with your natural, healthy internal environment. It allows the mucus membranes to continue their essential cleansing and protective role, because it doesn't absorb your natural lubricative, cleansing fluids; nor does it deposit traces of fibre inside you. It will not cause irritation, and is suitable for use even by people with sensitivity to rubber products.

It can, to be perfectly honest, be a little fiddly to learn how to insert and withdraw the Mooncup, but it does come with a full set of instructions, and it is very quickly mastered. Once inserted it is so comfortable you will forget it's there. You will need to empty, rinse (or wipe if you're in a public toilet!) and reinsert every four to twelve hours, depending on your flow. There is no need to change it simply to use the toilet, and it is perfectly safe to wear overnight and during sports. Between periods, your Mooncup should be sterilised by boiling for 5 minutes in an open pan with sufficient water to cover it.

Mooncup Sizing Guide:

Model A is recommended for women who have given birth naturally or who have had a caesarean section and aged 30 or above.

Model B is recommended for women who have not given birth or who have had a caesarean section and aged below 30.

Please note that women over the age of 30 years old are increasingly likely to need the Model A regardless of giving birth. This is because the tone of pelvic floor muscles naturally reduces with age but to varying degrees in different women. Some activities will maintain tone, such as yoga, pilates, dance, so if you are advanced in any of these, or similar activities take this into consideration when choosing which model you need.

The Mooncup comes with a comprehensive guide and instructions, with details of an advice line to contact if you have any questions.


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