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Nappy Vouchers

In recognition of the landfill savings that families using cloth nappies will make, many councils offer vouchers towards the purchase of your nappies, as an incentive. To find out if your council offers such a scheme, check the website for the authority you pay council tax to, and search for "nappies". If you still can't find anything, contact their waste & recycling officer to ask!

Real Nappies for London

Many areas of London are part of the Real Nappies for London scheme, the value of the voucher you can claim varies from one area to another. We are delighted to accept Real Nappies for London nappy vouchers. If you already have your voucher, you can spend it with us by simply entering the name of your local council in the Discount Codes box (you can see this when you look at your basket), and we will automatically apply the standard voucher value to your order.  For example if your council is Hackney, enter the code Hackney. 

You MUST send us a copy of your voucher for verification before the order will be despatched - e-mail it to with a note of your order number.  We do not apply the vouchers retrospectively, so please ensure you have already received a voucher before attempting to spend it.

Please ensure you have read the terms of the voucher and what it can be spent on before completing your order. 

Shop our Real Nappies for London Voucher Kits here!  These are some special kits we've created especially for RNfL voucher holders - the kits are priced to be covered by the voucher, and are a great choice if you aren't sure what to buy, or are looking to get the best value.  You don't have to spend the voucher on these kits, so feel free to browse our store for reusable nappies, wraps, liners, boosters, inserts or nappy grips to spend your voucher on!

Croydon Nappy Network

We also accept Croydon Nappy Network vouchers, please enter the code Croydon into the discount code box, and post us your voucher quoting your order number.  We cannot despatch orders until the original voucher has been received, but will reserve your items when you place your order.  Should the voucher not arrive within a week of the order being placed, we will assume the order is not required and will cancel it.

Other Vouchers

We are happy to work with any local authority or other voucher issuer, so if you have a voucher from another council or authority not listed here which you would like us to accept, please get in touch with the details and we'll find out if we can accept it for you.