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Shopping Guide

OK, so you've read all the information, you've looked at the cloth nappies and the wraps. You've even read through the nappy accessories and the changing bag page. And now your head is spinning, and the kettle can't boil fast enough for you!

Don't worry, it's not uncommon to find it all a bit mind-boggling at first, but it will all click, I promise! In the meantime, here is a shopping list to help you decide what you need to buy, and how much! Please remember that this is just a guideline - your own needs may vary. Not everything on this list is essential by any means - but it all goes towards making life a little easier! Please feel free to print this nappy shopping list, and take it with you, wherever you happen to be doing your nappy shopping! It includes a box for you to tick off as you make each purchase. Where list items appear as links, clicking on them will take you to the page - and sometimes even the right part of the page - where this item is sold by Plush Pants.

Two or more in nappies? You'll need to buy enough wraps for each child, but you shouldn't need to double up on nappies, depending on what you want to buy and the ages of your children. For twins, or different age siblings in birth to potty nappies, I would suggest you get 50% more nappies than the quantity below, and a set of wraps for each child. If you have different age children in different sizes of nappy, then you will need to get a full set for each child. Do remember to bear in mind how often you intend to wash.

TAMBA members qualify for a discount on nappies and wraps. Please contact us with your TAMBA membership number for details.


18 Nappies perhaps fewer if not for newborn
2 or 3 Night Nappies OR: only if you're not changing baby at night
6 boosters for extra absorbency at night/long journeys etc.
Nappy Nippas or pins if nappies don't have own fastenings
4 or 5 wraps not needed for pocket nappies or all-in-one nappies
Paper Liners OR: for ease of changing
Fleece Liners to keep baby dry
Changing Bag large enough for nappies/drinks/toys etc
Wet Nappy Bag to store dirty nappies out & about
Nappy Bucket Ideally with a lid and carry handle.
Nappy Mesh makes bucket easier to empty
Tea Tree Oil for soaking, if you're soaking!
Wipes washable or disposable