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Totsbots Trainer Pants

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Tots Bots

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Reusable trainer pants from Tots Bots, ideal for the transition between nappies and pants. When toilet training there are always occasions when you need a bit of protection against accidents - in the car, pushchair, at nursery, on granny's new sofa - these trainer pants will give you the confidence to take your toilet training child out and about, secure in the knowledge that if you don't quite make it to the toilet on time, you won't cause a flood!

The trainer pants have a waterproof outer layer, and a double layered minky absorbent layer inside.  The minky is sewn in at the front and back but left loose in the middle, allowing for more thorough cleaning and faster drying.

These trainer pants are nicely elasticated at the legs and waist and can be pulled up and down by your independent toddler, however if you do need to unfasten them, there are poppers at the waist and hip (2 at each leg to suit your child's build).  This also means you can undo them for laundry, again for more thorough cleaning if needed.


Cute but not practical Review by Jana
Absorbency (if applicable)
I love that you can unpopper the sides in case of accidents. However, despite ordering the right size, my toddler can't pull them up by herself and struggles to get them down enough by herself. She has insisted since 18 months on dressing herself, so this is problematic. She's 2 now and these are the last pair that gets worn before laundry day. (Posted on 26/04/2015)

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