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Why Use Cloth Nappies?

They're comfy, reliable, cheaper, and cuter!  Oh, and they cause a LOT less waste than single use nappies.  Baby in cloth nappy


Comfy nappies

Cloth nappies are made with soft fabric, which is comfy on the skin.  If you have ever tried disposable knickers you'll appreciate the difference!  

There's lots of different sorts to choose from, many nappies are lined with super soft micro fleece, which also acts as a stay dry layer.  Nappies might also be made from cotton or bamboo, lovely breathable fabrics that will feel gentle on baby's sensitive skin.

If you're looking for the comfiest, cosiest nappy for your baby, you definitely need to be looking at cloth nappies.


Reliable nappies

Nappies are there to do a job, let's face it, and keeping everything contained is a top priority.  Because cloth nappies offer so many options, not simply one generic shape, you can find a nappy system that's really tailored to your baby's needs.  What works on your chunk may leak on a skinny baby, and vice versa.  So we have nappies that are great on chunky monkeys, nappies that suit skinny ones, nappies for heavy wetters, and systems that will cope well with poonami explosions!  If you're not sure which sort might suit your baby best, just ask us for some advice first, or borrow one of our nappy trial kits.

Reusable nappies are a very reliable option for day or night use, at night you can add extra boosters, or use a specially designed night nappy if your child tends to sleep for hours and pee throughout!



Who doesn't like to save a few pounds where they can?  Washable nappies can save you several hundred pounds per baby, have a look at our article Saving Money with Washable Nappies.  What's more, you can even sell them on when you're done with them!



There are so many adorable designs to choose from, here are just a few of our favourites to tempt you.  This is one area most people agree on, cloth nappies are undeniably cuter to look at.  OK, so cuteness isn't the most important factor, but if you're going to do 4,500 nappy changes, wouldn't you prefer to look at something a bit more fun?

Wonderoos Farm Print NappyTotsbots Bamboozle Stretch BuzzThirsties One Size NappyCharlie Banana Twitter Birds


Waste Less

Babies need at least 4,500 nappy changes from birth until potty training.  This is quite a conservative estimate, others would put that number at 5,000 or 6,000.  But whatever number you use, it's a lot of nappy changes.  

Simply put, you'll need either:

4,500 disposable nappies, or

15-40 reusable nappies.

I'm quite serious - you really can get away with as few as 15 reusable nappies (if you pick fairly fast drying "one size" nappies) for one baby from birth until they toilet train.  And the really clever bit, is you get to use them again if you have another one, or you can sell them on if you don't need them anymore!

In case you were wondering, 15 reusable nappies assumes one size nappies that are fairly quick drying.  If you have sized nappies (usually there's only 2 sizes needed from birth to toilet training), you might find you need as many as 40 nappies - this is partly because most of the sized nappies are also slower drying, so you'll need 20 at each stage to allow for the slower turnaround.