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Real Nappies for London Big Bundle - Wonderoos

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This bundle has been specially designed for those who have a Real Nappies for London Voucher valued at £54.15.  Containing 5 Wonderoos v3 One Size nappies complete with inserts, plus a free wet nappy bag, this bundle is worth over £80, so gives you great value for your voucher! Can also be purchased with a lower value voucher and you can pay the difference.

One per household.  Only available when spending your Real Nappies for London Voucher.

Please choose your preferred nappy colours/prints from the dropdown menus.  

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Additional Information

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Great for first timers to reusable nappy systemReview by Marie
Ease of Use
Absorbency (if applicable)
Baby is 5months old, am sleep deprived and almost gave up trying reusable nappies after I tried many websites but none were as easy as this one to use, it was suggested by the voucher lady from my borough. thank you, also the nappies are easy to use, only thing you must do is take a day and try using them, and then read up on any issues you may face, am surprised how absorbent they were, make sure to change baby at least every 2.5hrs to avoid nappy rashes as they aren't like pampers that say up to 12hr dryness. Why would you leave your baby in a nappy for 12h anyway. You don't need all the insets and boosters at once I used the microfiber for 2.5h and then the booster for a longer time, just rotated those, am new to this but enjoying it ,it doesn't feel stressful it's not majorly different to single use nappies, we used Tesco reusable nappy liners to catch poo, the liner catches most of the poo but since it's liquidy small baby poo it still gets through to the insert or booster, so working on washing a load of inserts and boosters once a night , the covers airdried, inserts and boosters I pop in dryer, so far new load ready in the morning. I will get more when on sale. Because am using normal nappies when I run out of reusable ones, worth it , maybe try different types now am more confident. But definitely this pack is awesome as starter. But I do need more than the 5 given. Plus they look cute. Am guessing maybe 10 in total would be more than enough for a day and worth a wash on its own so far am struggling finding items to wash with the nappies to justify a load.but I can see how we are already using less pampers feeling encouraged that am doing my bit for the planet and also dad has been changing baby he also has no problem, I just had to say give a rinse to nappy if there is poo after putting nappy liners in bin with wipes, and wash it all at the end of the day. Great starter pack and beautiful cheery colours, baby is comfy wiggling about in them. (Posted on 22/02/2019)

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